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4-core flat cable


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4-core flat cable

A flat cable or ribbon cable is a flat wire formed by combining many wires. The cable has low cost, light weight, strong toughness, and can be easily used in large equipment as well as in small equipment. Flat cables have the characteristics of heat radiation, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc., and the ambient temperature is -40~70℃.
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Using environment
Flat cables are used for the power connection and control signal lighting of various mobile power devices in the lifting, transportation, machinery, electrical, mining, and other industries with working voltage 450/750V and below and ambient temperature of -40~70°C. Nitrile compound is used for insulation and sheath to improve the softness of the cable and the performance of anti-corrosion and cold resistance.

Structural features
(1) Flat cables are used for power transmission lines or connecting cables for mobile electrical appliances. The product has the characteristics of heat radiation, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosive gas, and waterproof. The cable structure is soft, easy to radiate, and electrical in high temperature (alpine) environments. Stable performance, outstanding anti-aging performance, long service life, widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, electronics, automobile manufacturing and other industries.
(2) The conductive core adopts a soft structure to ensure that the cable has good flexibility.
(3) Insulation and protective layer materials use butyl polymer to improve the softness, corrosion resistance and cold resistance of the cable.
(4) Color separation of insulated cores provides convenience for laying and installation.
(5) Wire ropes or other load-bearing components can be added on both sides of the cable core according to customer needs.

Main performance
Main performance accords with (Q/ZB 01一2005)
(1) Rated working voltage of the cable: AC 450/750V and below.
(2) Cable operating environment temperature: -40~70℃.
(3) Minimum cable bending radius: 10 times the thickness of the small side of the cable.
(4) Withstand alternating current between the finished cable cores: 50Hz, 2.5kV test voltage is applied for 5min without breakdown.
(5) Minimum tensile strength of insulation and sheath: 10N/mm2, minimum breaking elongation 150%, -40℃ low temperature winding without cracks, -40℃ low temperature tensile minimum elongation 20%. [2]  


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