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6XV1830-0EH10 purple


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6XV1830-0EH10 purple

The company is equipped with advanced production equipment and testing equipment. It has successively introduced a number of advanced cable production equipment from Germany, Taiwan and other regions. It uses Swiss imported extrusion heads and imported extruder molds. The retractable line and host use frequency conversion. Speed regulation and PLC centralized control. The daily output of the network cable reaches 1,000 boxes, and the annual output value reaches 120 million yuan. It is a professional manufacturer that manufactures network wiring supporting cables and various power cable series standard products.
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Origin Shanghai Whether to import No
Order number WP1706xv18300eh10 Brand Wanpu is getting better
Item No. 6xv18300eh10 Model 6XV1830-0EH10
Number of cores 2 core Sheath material PVC
Maximum outer diameter of wire 8.0 (mm) Purpose It can be used as a connection cable for mechanical engineering or bus units to transmit data or signals, and can be applied to rapid assembly technology.
Wire core material Bare copper wire Product Certification Other
Processing customization Yes Item number WP6xv18300eh10
Sheath thickness 1.2 Net weight 78KG/KM
Resistance 150ΩCharacteristic impedance Color Purple
Main downstream platforms ebay, Amazon, wish, AliExpress, independent station, LAZADA Main sales area Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East
Have licensable own brand Yes Whether it is a special supply source for cross-border export Yes
6XV1830-0EH10【Technical Specifications】
1. Solid bare copper wire conductor, 2 cores in a pair, the core wire is orange and green.
2. Aluminum foil, bare metal wire braided double-layer shield, PVC outer sheath, flame retardant, purple appearance. Welcome your consultation and negotiation! !
3. Comply with VDE 0472 standard; Type B test (IEC332.1).
4. With the meter mark, it can be packaged in 100 meters, 200 meters, and 300 meters, and 500 meters and 1000 meters in wooden wheels.
5. Working parameters: single-line transmission, large specifications: 1000m, can be extended to 10000m with repeaters


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